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When choosing a suitable chessboard, the decision depends on what purpose you intend to use it for.

If you plan to take the chess board with you on vacation or to a relaxing holiday cabin, consider a folding chess board where the pieces can be conveniently stored inside the board. If instead you want to keep the chess experience moving, a small game with magnetic pieces can be an excellent choice.

If you have enough space and want to create a spectacular display for chess, we recommend considering a beautiful, slightly larger board with Indian detailed pieces. Of course, the choice is also influenced by budget and personal style.


Chessboards and pieces come in different sizes, and compatibility is key. The size of the chessboard is given in millimeters of the size of the squares, while the size of the pieces is measured in terms of the height of the king - also in millimeters.

If you decide to choose a set of chess board and pieces, you can be confident that they will fit together perfectly. On the other hand, if you already own great game pieces and just need a new board or vice versa, the attached guide will help you choose the right sizes:

35 mm square = King height 65-70 mm

40 mm square = King height 76-80 mm

45 mm square = King height 76-86 mm

50 mm square = King height 86-95 mm

55 mm square = King height 95-98 mm

58 mm square = King height 98-101 mm

60 mm square = King height 101 mm+


Most professional players prefer Staunton chess pieces, which are available in both wood and plastic. If you head south on vacation, you may also come across games with stone pieces, but these are mainly decorative and less often used in tournaments or similar situations. In chess shops, you can also find various decorative checker options, such as ambassador checkers or Russian onion-shaped checkers, which may be familiar from the 'Queen's Gambit' series.


The squares on chessboards are usually either light and dark, or black and white, or shades of white and brown.

For those interested in high-quality chess board options, we recommend considering, for example, maple, mahogany, wenge or luxurious padauk wood.

Plastic chess games are durable and easy to clean if necessary, if an enthusiastic player happens to spill a soft drink or coffee.


Many of our chessboards have markings on the edges of the board that contain the coordinates in numbers and letters for each square. Letters A to H and numbers 1 to 8. This notation helps both in recording your own moves and keeping track of the position when using a chess book, for example.


The weight of the pieces depends on the amount of iron in their bottom. Generally, more weight means more stability.


If you need further instructions or help, we are ready to help via chat, email or phone.

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