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Official Foldable Chess Set

POLISH STAUNTON Chess Set | 48 cm

POLISH STAUNTON Chess Set | 48 cm

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Size & Combination Guide

No. 3: Schackbräde 30 x30 cm
Kungens höjd 60 mm
Rutor 30 x 30 mm

No. 4: Schackbräde 38 x 38 cm
Kungens höjd 78 mm
Rutor 45 x 45 mm

No. 5: Schackbräde 45 x 45 cm
Kungens höjd 90 mm
Rutor 50 x 50 mm

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Materials used for chess pieces: Schima Wallichii

Materials used for the chess board: Sapele Mahogany, Sycamore, Beech, Birch

Storage tray: plastic


Chessboard dimensions: 480 x 240 x 50 mm
Square dimensions: 50 x 50 mm
King height: 90 mm
Weight: 2.5 kg

  • Tournament level quality and gaming experience
  • Wooden chessboard with mahogany and sycamore inlays
  • High-quality and weighted Staunton Basic chess pieces
  • The collapsible set is easy to store and carry

Players of all levels appreciate professional, quality-known tournament chess sets. They offer classically beautiful design and a brilliant gaming experience from the first move to mastery.

The traditional and striking chessboard is adorned with mahogany and sycomore inlays. It is a timeless and stylish interior element in every home and serves as the arena for great matches during gameplay.

The stunning and weighted Staunton Basic chess pieces, made of schima wallichii wood, are kept conveniently organized in the storage form of the board. Durable and high-quality chess pieces ensure that your grip remains steady throughout the game.

This chess set, suitable for both home and tournaments, is a perfect choice for your home, chess club, cottage, travel, or as a gift. When folded, it is easy to store and take anywhere.

Invest in a proper chess set at once: Chess sets in the Staunton style are always a reliable choice.

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Carefully designed. Skillfully crafted.

Most of our products are crafted in Poland by some of the finest artisans we collaborate with. Their dedication to their craft and creativity makes our chess collection an intriguing alternative to modern mass production. Techniques like carving, wood burning, and inlay are employed in the manufacturing process.

We encourage everyone to play chess. This great game develops many skills, improves memory, concentration in attention training and stimulates the imagination of both the youngest and oldest players.