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A rolling chess game

Rolling Chess Board and Weighted Chess Pieces | 51 cm

Rolling Chess Board and Weighted Chess Pieces | 51 cm

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Size & Combination Guide

Kuninkaan korkeus: 95 mm

Ruudut: 50 x 50 mm

Shakkilauta 45 x 45 cm

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Materials used for chess pieces: plastic

Materials used for the chessboard: vinyl


Chess board dimensions: 51 x 51 cm

Square dimensions: 57 mm

King height: 96 mm

  • Vinyl Rolling Chessboard
  • Plastic Chess Pieces in the traditional Staunton design
  • Perfect Set for Home, Schools and Tournaments

Suitable for home, schools and tournaments, this 51 x 51 cm rolling chess board is made of vinyl. The chessboard is easy to store and can be conveniently carried when traveling. The square size is 57 mm and fits perfectly together with larger chess pieces whose King's height is approx. 96 - 98 mm.

Made in the traditional, beautiful Staunton design, the plastic pieces stand up to heavy use and are perfect for folding or vinyl chess boards with a square size of 57mm.

Weighted studs and classic design offer a solid feel. The pieces are especially suitable for hard game and practice use, for example at home, schools, game clubs and on trips. A great gift idea also for a child or young person who is enthusiastic about chess!

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Carefully designed. Skillfully crafted.

Most of our products are crafted in Poland by some of the finest artisans we collaborate with. Their dedication to their craft and creativity makes our chess collection an intriguing alternative to modern mass production. Techniques like carving, wood burning, and inlay are employed in the manufacturing process.

We encourage everyone to play chess. This great game develops many skills, improves memory, concentration in attention training and stimulates the imagination of both the youngest and oldest players.