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Chess Board

Chess Board ROUNDED

Chess Board ROUNDED

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Size & Combination Guide

Squares 40 mm: King height 76-80 mm

Squares 45 mm: King height 76-86 mm

Squares 50 mm: King height 86-96 mm

Squares 55 mm: King height 96-98 mm

Squares 58 mm: King height 98-100 mm

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Materials used for the chess board: padauk, maple, birch


Square size 40 x 40 mm = board dimensions 40 x 40 cm
- Recommended King height: 80 mm

Square size 45 x 45 mm = board dimensions 44 x 44 cm
- Recommended King height: 80 or 90 mm

Square size 50 x 50 mm = board dimensions 48 x 48 cm
- Recommended King height: 90 mm

Square size 55 x 55 mm = board dimensions 52 x 52 cm
- Recommended King height: 90 or 98 mm

Square size 58 x 58 mm = board dimensions 55 x 55 cm
- Recommended King height: 90 or 98 mm

Chessboard thickness: 14 - 15 mm

Weight: 2 - 3 kg

  • Wooden chess board crafted from fine Padauk-tree
  • Stylish round corners and a warm wooden color
  • With or without notation

A high-quality round-cornered chess board crafted in luxurious Padauk-tree. How does that sound?

With this wooden chess board there is no compromise on elegance and practicality. You no longer have to worry about someone's finger or wrist accidentally hitting the sharp corner of the chess board. Get a set of matching wooden chess pieces for the chess board either as a set or separately .

The smooth rounded corners also make the chess board look nicer than traditional chess boards ,and the warm African padauk wood resembles mahogany in color and texture.

Choose your chess board with or without notation. Notation makes it easier, especially for beginner chess players, to follow the moves and understand the game better.

A stunning wooden chessboard gives your home a touch of dignity. As a gift idea, it brings joy to any chess lover. Why settle for the usual when you can choose a more stylish option?

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Carefully designed. Skillfully crafted.

Most of our products are crafted in Poland by some of the finest artisans we collaborate with. Their dedication to their craft and creativity makes our chess collection an intriguing alternative to modern mass production. Techniques like carving, wood burning, and inlay are employed in the manufacturing process.

We encourage everyone to play chess. This great game develops many skills, improves memory, concentration in attention training and stimulates the imagination of both the youngest and oldest players.