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Chess Table

Chess Table Mahogany

Chess Table Mahogany

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Size- & Combination Guide

Choose the height of the leg pairs to be 50 cm (coffee table) or 70 cm (dining table). You can also order both pairs of legs.

The squares on the chessboard are 55 x 55 mm and perfectly complement our chess pieces with a King height of 9.5 - 9.8 cm.


The chess table is made to order.

Production time approximately 4 weeks + Delivery approximately 1 week.

Your order includes free delivery.


Wood type used for the chess table: Mahogany

Materials used for the chessboard: Walnut & Maple


Table 80 x 80 cm

Legs 50 cm (Coffee table height)

Legs 70 cm (Dining table height)

Chessboard 50 x 50 cm with 55 x 55 mm squares

Luxurious Handmade Mahogany Chess Table

Discover this stunning handmade mahogany chess table! This luxurious chess table brings versatility and elegance to your home.

This beautiful handmade chess table is the perfect combination of artistic design and the joy of playing chess. Made from fine walnut and maple wood, the chessboard creates a striking contrast, enhancing the enjoyment of the game. You can choose the height of the table legs to suit your needs, and the oil/wax-treated leg pairs provide a stable and beautiful appearance.

  • Exclusive Materials: The chess table is made of fine mahogany wood and the chessboard is made of walnut and maple.
  • Adjustable Height: Choose the table leg height of either 70 cm or 50 cm.
  • Versatility: Option to add a granite insert, allowing the table to also serve as a coffee table.
  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: The handmade mahogany table offers luxury and durability.

Artistic Design and the Joy of Chess

The chess table's dimensions of 80 x 80 cm allow for comfortable gameplay, with leg height options of 70 cm or 50 cm to ensure the table fits perfectly for your game sessions at different heights. This chess table is more than just a game—it is a work of art that adds elegance and dignity to your home.

Luxury for Your Home

Bring luxury to your home with this stunning, impressive, and handmade mahogany chess table. Designed for those who appreciate quality, style, and, of course, chess. This chess table is the perfect choice for both passionate players and those who want to add a touch of elegance and traditional style to their home.

Experience the True Luxury of Chess

Get your own handmade mahogany chess table and enjoy the thrill of the game in a luxurious setting. This table not only serves for playing purposes but is also a magnificent piece of furniture that brings unique charm and dignity to your home.

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  • Made to Order

    Chess table is made to order. Production time roughly 4 weeks + delivery 1 week.

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    Delivery costs are included in the price.

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Shakkipöytä Mahonki-Shakkipöytä

Tiberian Made-to-Order Chess Table

Our Custom Made-to-Order service offers a personalized experience, allowing you to create your own chess table. We provide the opportunity to choose from a selection of exclusive wood types, heights, and stone slabs, ensuring that you get the perfect chess table tailored to your preferences for your home.

The customized experience begins by selecting the wood type from which you want your chess table to be crafted. Once this choice is made, you can choose your preferred height: coffee table height, dining table height, or both.

Finally, you can choose whether you want a separate stone slab for your order; either granite or marble. The stone slab can be swapped with the included chessboard panel during those moments when you want to use the table as a regular coffee table.